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MARRIAGE RECORDS IN THE VIRGINIA STATE LIBRARY: A RESEARCHER'S GUIDE (2nd Edition 1988) by John Vogt & Wm Kethley, Jr. This book indexes and anno- tates more than 1,500 marriage records collections on microfilm, photostat, and in printed form currently in the Va. State Library & more. Soft, 246 pp.    $23.00

WILL AND ESTATE RECORDS IN THE VIRGINIA STATE LIBRARY: A RESEARCHER'S GUIDE by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. This volume includes a listing of 2,136 microfilmed wills, estates, & related records. In addition, several hundred published works which contain source materials are included. (Note: West Virginia materials are not included in this volume). Soft, 186 pp.    $20.00

A GUIDE TO EPISCOPAL CHURCH RECORDS IN VIRGINIA, by Edith F. Axelson 1988. This work being a major reference tool for every genealogical researcher who deals with the Church of England in the colonial period and the successor Protestant Episcopal Church which followed it up on independence. Soft, 136 pp.    $17.50

VIRGINIA SOLDIERS IN THE UNITED STATES ARMY, 1800-1815, by Stuart Lee Butler 1987. This vol. contains the abstracted service records of 5,193 Virginians who enlisted in the regular U.S. army during 1800 - 1815. Info. contains, when ever possible: full name, unit to which he was assigned; occupation prior to enlistment, co. of birth, age, place and date of enlistment, & status at the end of his term of services (i.e., date & place of discharge, death, etc.). Soft, index, 206 pp.    $20.00

A GUIDE TO VIRGINIA MILITIA UNITS IN THE WAR OF 1812 by Stuart Butler 1988. This book is intended as a guide to the militia units raised in Va. It is divided into three parts: Part I: describes organization of the Va. militia, etc. Part II: a brief history of the role played by the Va. militia during this conflict. Part III: the largest portion, is a co. by co. listing of the units, with the name of the regiment and company commanders, etc. Index, Soft, 340 pp.   $28.00

TIMESAVING AID TO VIRGINIA-WEST VIRGINIA ANCESTORS (A Gene. Index of Surnames from Publ. Sources) by Wardell, 1990. The author has carefully chosen books which have major genealogical significance, but have no indices & has abstracted surname entries and compiled them in a listing with the appropriate references to the orig. books which may be borrowed through inter-library loan. It includes references also to West Va. cos. & families. Each entry has been carefully checked & all references to a particular surname have been integrated into a single entry. This volume indexes a total of 802 volumes of Va. family histories & research sources. Soft, 429 pp.    $39.00

COLONIAL MILITIA OF VIRGINIA 1651 - 1776 by Wm. A. Crozier (1905) repr. (Vol. II of Va. Co. Records series). Several thousand officers & soldiers are cited, the information sources on them being rosters of various cos. and wars, co. order books and land bounty certificates. Index, soft, 144 pp.     $16.50

SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA, OVER THE MOUNTAIN MEN, THEIR EARLY COURT RECORDS IN, by Anne Worrell, repr. This work deals with records of marriages, wills, Revolutionary petitions, & gravestones; most being in the first two groups. Marriage records from the cos. of: Bedford, Franklin, Grayson, Pulaski and Roanoke; the will records from the cos. of: Bedford, Botetourt, Carroll, Floyd, Grayson, Pulaski, Ro- anoke. Most of these records are from the late 18th & early 19th centuries & relate to about 9,000 persons.   Alpha. arranged, Soft,  69 pp. $10.50

GENEALOGIES AND SKETCHES OF SOME OLD FAMILIES OF VIRGINIA, who have taken prominent part in the development of Va. & Ky. especially; and later of many other States of this Union, by Benj. F. Van Meter. Soft, 204 pp.   $21.00

EARLY VIRGINIA IMMIGRANTS 1623-1666, by Greer, 1912, repr. Lists the names as contained in the records of the Land Ofc. & could also be used as a census for that early period. Soft, 376 pp. Text Reduced. $13.50

SOME PROMINENT VIRGINIA FAMILIES, VOLUME I, by DuBellet (1907). The families of: Morson, Marshall, Ambler, Moncure, Jaquelin, etc. Soft, 286 pp. Text Reduced.  $10.50

SOME PROMINENT VIRGINIA FAMILIES, VOLUME III, by DuBellet. The families of Mason, Smith, Bush, Davison, Morgan, Bruce and Cobb. Soft, 185 pp. Text Reduced.    $ 8.50

SOME PROMINENT VIRGINIA FAMILIES, VOL. IV, by L.P. DuBellet. The families of: Warner, Read, Wash- ington, Rootes, Smith, Mills, Dimitry, Evans, Pendleton, Magill, Bolling, Hite, Maury, Slaughter, etc. 432 pp. Soft, Text Reduced.    $13.50

THE DOUGLAS REGISTER, by W. Jones (1928). "Being a detailed record of births, marriages and deaths with other interesting notes as kept by the Rev. Douglas, from 1750-1797." A Goochland Co. Will Index is also included. Soft, 408 pp. Text Reduced.    $17.50

VIRGINIA COUNTY RECORDS, VOL. 6, by W. A. Crozier (1909). Soft, 305 pp. Text Reduced.    $ 11.50

ALBEMARLE CO. - MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1780-1853 by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. Over two years abstracting from forty thousand individual records, 1991. Source of information for an individual marriage abstract has been cited to facilitate examination of the original document. Approx. 50,000 brides, grooms, bondsmen, witnesses, ministers and parents mentioned in the documents. 862 pp. Index, 3 vol. $46.00

ALLEGHANY CO. - 1830-1840-1850 FEDERAL CENSUS by Nora B. Martin. The author has reproduced the first three censuses of this co. in their orig. tabular forms and with all the data contained in the original census ledgers. Includes an every name index. A map is included showing the major settle ments & reference points of the co. as it appeared in 1822, date of its creation. Soft, 118pp.   $15.00

ALLEGHANY CO. - 1870 CENSUS by N. Martin. Similar in format to the above census. The 1870 census was the first following the massive dislocations generated by the Civil War in Va. Valuable for tracing family connections through the postwar Reconstruction period. Soft, 122 pp. $15.00

AMELIA CO. WILLS 1735-1761; BONDS 1735-1754 (WILL BOOK 1) by Gibson J. McConnaughey. In addition to wills, this vol. contains estate inventories and appraisements. Bonds include those for sureties, for license to keep ordinaries, administration of estates, appointment of sheriffs, and guardian bonds for orphans. This vol. contains the earlier wills of Prince Edward Co., which was not cut off of Amelia Co. until 1754. 87 pp. Soft cover $20.00

AMELIA CO. WILLS 1761-1771 (WILL BOOK 2X) by Gibson J. McConnaughey. Includes wills, estate inventories, and appraisements. Also contains the earlier wills of Nottoway Co., which was not cut off of Amelia Co. until 1789. 63 pp. Soft   $20.00

AMELIA CO. WILLS 1771-1780 (WILL BOOK 2) by Gibson J. McConnaughey. In addition to wills, these records contain estate inventories and appraisments. This volume contains the earlier wills of Nottoway Co., which was not cut off of Amelia Co. until 1789. 108 pp. Soft,   $22.00

AUGUSTA CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1748 - 1850 by John Vogt & Kethley, Jr. Marriages are alpha. by both bride and groom. Also lists bondsman, father's name and minister. Soft, 425 pp.    $27.50

AUGUSTA CO. - ABSTRACTS OF DEATHS, 1853-1896, by Margaret C. Reese. These registers contain a wealth of information for genealogists and have been fully indexed for the first time. This book is a major source of family information for an important county in the westward migration. Soft, 236 pp.    $23.50

BLAND CO. MARRIAGE REGISTER by Robert & Judy Hetherington. This book contains 249 SURNAMES and over 8,000 names in all. When possible census data was utilized to verify and/or identify names which were nearly illegible. The names of parents and occupation of the groom are included as is the name of the minister who performed the marriage. Soft $16.00

BOTETOURT CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1770-1853, 2 VOLUME SET, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. Listed alphba. by bride and groom. Most of these records include parents, bondsmen, witnesses, etc. Soft, 600 pp. $27.50 

BRUNSWICK CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1750-1853, by John Vogt & Wm. Kethley, Jr. 1988. A total of 3,364 bonds have been transcribed for the years 1750-1853. Includes ministers' returns whenever available (1,919 in all). Also contains parents' names, bondsmen, consents, & some misc. information as auxiliary data to the bride & groom's name. Soft, 299 pp.    $25.00

BUCKINGHAM CO.-LOST BUCKINGHAM CO. MARRIAGES by Randy Kidd & Jeanne Stinson 1992. Records of this co. were burned in 1869. The authors have located valuable marriage records for this county from a missing register of 1854 - 1868, as well as abstracting marriages from various earlier newspaper sources, WPA records & private sources. Over 1,100 marriages listed here. Soft, 251 pp.  $25.00

CHESTERFIELD CO.- MARRIAGE RECORDS 1771-1815 by Selby. Listed alpha. by both bride & groom with date of marriage. Soft, 1,764 marriages    $16.50

CLARKE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1836 - 1850, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. The 370 marriage records in this vol. are from the marriage bonds register, the index to marriage licenses, permissions, certificates, and consents. Soft, 62 pp.   $ 8.50  

CLARKE CO.- CONNECTIONS & PARTINGS: ABSTRACTS OF MARRIAGE, DIVORCE, DEATH & LEGAL NOTICES REGARDING CLARKE CO. by Mary T. Morris. Presents a broad panoply of genealogical data on families of Clarke County. Soft, index, 210 pp.    $25.00

CRAIG CO. VIRGINIA 1860 CENSUS ANNOTATED by Roscoe C. Keeney, Jr. Craig Co. was formed in 1851 from Botetourt, Roanoke, Giles & Monroe Cos. The author has also included personal notes on some of the families. Soft, 34pp. $ 9.00

CULPEPER CO.- ABSTRACTS FROM COUNTY COURT MINUTE BOOK 1763-1764, by A.M. Prichard, index, 74 pp.    $10.00

CULPEPER CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1780- 1853, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. 1986. The 2,711 marriage returns listed here were recorded by the county clerk from ministers' returns lists. These records constitute the sole surviving collection of marriage records for this important central Va. co. A full index of all persons mentioned. Soft, 257 pp.  $22.50

DINWIDDIE CO.- BATH PARISH REGISTER (BIRRTHS, DEATHS, MARRIAGES), 1827-1897 & ST. ANDREWS PARISH VESTRY BOOK, 1732-1797 by Wm. L. Hopkins, 1989. These two parish records have been combined into one vol. as they are adjoining parishes and share some of the same family names. The name index includes over 2,000 individuals. 130 pp. Soft,   $25.00

FAIRFAX CO. IMPLIED MARRIAGES by Marty Hiatt & Craig Scott, 1994. The authors have duplicated the extensive court card file of marriages based on a wide variety of will, deed and other records in order to put this info. in the hands of genealogists. Includes more than 5,000 marriages. Index, 345 pp. Soft   $23.00

FAUQUIER FAMILIES, 1759-1799: COMPREHENSIVE INDEXED ABSTRACTS OF TAX AND TITHABLE LISTS, MARRIAGE BONDS AND MINUTE, DEED & WILL BOOKS PLUS OTHER 18TH CENTURY RECORDS OF FAUQUIER COUNTY, VA. by John P. Alcock, 1994. This book a must for genealogists working on Fauquier ancestors. 8x10, 445pp. Soft,    $42.00 

FAUQUIER FAMILIES, VOLUME 2 (supplement) by John P. Alcock in 1996 a large part of the "loose papers from the basement of the Fauquier County Courthouse was sorted, catalogued, indexed and filed systematically. Records include: Tithables, Personal Property Lists, newly available Marriages & Chancery Suits. 209 + ixp Soft, $32.00   

FLUVANNA CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1781- 1849, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. 1984. The 1,275 marriage records in this volume are primarily ministers' returns from a register now in the Virginia State Library, Archives Division. Soft, 103 pp.    $13.50

FREDERICK CO. - FEDERAL CENSUS OF 1850, by James Hutton, Jr. 1987. A complete listing for an area which was the receiving and forwarding point for migration through Va. All vital info. originally found in the census sheets, plus a section on the 1860 slaveholders for the co. Soft, 369 pp.    $20.00

FREDERICK CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1738-1850, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. 1984. Listed alpha by bride and groom and contains 8,093 marriages, consisting primarily of ministers' returns (with an occasional bond). Soft, 461 pp.    $30.00 

GILES CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1806-1850, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. 1985. Listed alpha. by bride and groom the 1,498 marriages in this volume are particularly complete and contain both ministers' returns & surety bonds. Also includes minister's name, bondsman and occasionally relatives' names. Soft, 147 pp.    $18.50 

GREENBRIER CO. RECORDS, VOLUME 1: by Larry Shuck 1988. Contains the following info : Early Survey Records, 1780-1799; Early Court Minutes, 1780-1801 [1811]; Magistrate's Memoranda, 1817- 1819; Court Record Books, 1828-1835; District Court Records, 1792-1797; Deeds Sweet Springs Courthouse, 1789-1808. Soft, 457pp 3 maps.  $30.00

GREENBRIER CO. RECORDS, VOLUME 2: - L. Shuck 1989. Personal property tax lists for: 1782/83, 1786/88, 1792, 1796, 1799, 1805, 1815. In the years when a date of visitation is included (1792, 1796 & 1799) two lists are available: one is presented in its entirety in alpha. order, the second in abbreviated fashion by date of visitation. In this way the researcher can provide helpful clues as to who an ancestor's neighbors were. Soft, ix, 302pp.   $26.00

GREENE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1838 - 1850, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. Marriages listed alpha. by both bride and groom. Also gives bondsman and ministers' name. Soft, 44 pp.    $ 8.50

GREENSVILLE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1781- 1853 by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. 1989. A total of 1,734 marriage records (of which more than 700 include ministers' returns) are contained in this current volume. Soft, 156 pp.    $18.50

HARRISON CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1784-1850 by Earle Morris, nd. Harrison Co. was set off from Va. in 1863. Contains names of brides, grooms, ministers, date of ceremony, parents when known, index. Hard, 287 pp.    $32.00

HARRISON CO. 1820 CENSUS. Includes heads of house holds, alpha. arranged with no. of males and females listed in age category. Soft, 16 pp. $ 4.50

ISLE OF WIGHT CO.- MARRIAGE RECORDS 1628-1800, by Chapman (1933) repr. Includes name of bride, groom & date: sometimes name of parent or guardian. Also, some Quaker Records. Index, soft, 137 pp. $19.50

LEE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1830-1836, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. The original marriage records for this co. are all missing for the early period save for the fragment noted here. 159 marriages are recorded from a list of ministers' returns. Soft, 28 pp.    $ 8.00  

LOUDOUN CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1760- 1850, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. 1985. This volume contains a total of 4,524 marriages, and are in alpha. order by both bride and groom. Soft, 462 pp.    $30.00

LOUISA CO.- MARRIAGES 1816-1861 by Wm. Kiblinger & Janice Abercrombie, 1989. Contains a complete abstract of the original bond and/or return. Index, 188 pp. Soft $18.50

LOUISA CO.- DEATHS 1853-1896 by Janice Abercrombie, 1997. A chronological list from the clerk’s office. Also contains the records of the Woodward Funeral Home from 1907-1911, a supplement to the clerk’s record. Index, 380 pp. Soft, $28.00

LUNENBURG CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1750-1853, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. 1988. There are 2,435 marriage records listed alpha. by both bride and groom. Soft, 174 pp.    $20.00 

MADISON CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1792 - 1850, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. 1984. The 1,976 marriage records in this volume are transcribed and abstracted in their entirety from various county records and include the names of parents, ministers & occasionally names of bondsmen and witnesses. Soft, 156 pp.    $18.50

MECKLENBURG CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1765-1853, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. 1989. The current volume contains 4,123 bonds and/or ministers' returns, most with additional data on wife's family gleaned from consents. Soft, 302 pp.    $25.00 

MIDDLESEX CO.- THE PARISH REGISTER OF CHRIST CHURCH 1653-1812 (1897) repr. Contains baptisms, marriages and burials of thousands of communicants during the years 1653-1812. Index, soft, 341 pp.    $28.50

MONTGOMERY CO.--THE FIRST 100 YEARS by Crust, added index. From formation of co., listing all American Rev. War Soldiers through Civil War, listing all Montgomery Co. Civil War Veterans, Biographies, court records, index, soft, 209 pp.    $30.00

NELSON CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1808 - 1850, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. 1985. Marriages listed alpha. by both bride & groom. Soft, 129 pp. $15.50

NEW KENT CO. - PARISH REGISTER OF ST. PETER'S, 1680-1787 by Nat. Soc. of the Colonial Dames of America (1904). Soft, 206 pp. Text Reduced.     $ 8.00

NORFOLK CO.- BRIEF ABSTRACT OF LOWER NORFOLK AND NORFOLK CO. WILLS 1637 - 1710 by Chas. McIntosh (1914) repr. 1995. Gives name of deceased, date will was written & probated, spouse, heirs, etc. Also: book & page no., index, soft, 223pp   $24.50

NORFOLK CO. WILL BOOK 1, 1755 - 1772, by Mrs. Wm. Wingo. Includes names of all legatees, executors, executrixes and witnesses that are included in these wills. References to land, etc., are given when such is feasible. Soft, 155 pp.    $29.00 

ORANGE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1747 - 1850, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. Marriages listed in alpha. order by bride and groom. Soft. $30.00

PAGE CO. MARRIAGE BONDS, 1831 - 1850, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. There are a total of 858 marriages abstracted and listed in alpha. order by both bride and groom. Soft, 57 pp.   $10.00 

POWHATAN CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1777 - 1850, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. Marriages listed alpha. by bride and groom. Ancillary data in most records include bondsman, parents, witnesses and minister's name. Soft,     $15.00

PULASKI CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1839 - 1857, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. Alphabetical by both bride and groom. Soft, 37 pp.    $ 7.50 

RANDOLPH CO. 1850 CENSUS. Lists families in order of visitation; name of every person, age, sex, color, place of birth, value of real estate, etc. 55p. Soft,    $ 7.50

RAPPAHANNOCK CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1833 - 1850, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. Alpha. listed, 531 marriages & data have been compiled from ministers' returns to the co. clerk. Soft, 75 pp.   $11.00

ROANOKE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1838-1850 by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. This vol. contains 350 marriage records listed in alpha. order by both bride and groom. Soft, 54 pp.   $10.00

ROCKBRIDGE CO. BIRTH RECORDS, 1853-1877, A two Vol. Set, by Dorthie & Edwin Kirkpatrick. The authors have abstracted vital data for over 10,900 persons born in the co. during this period. Each record includes: name of child, date of birth; race, sex, alive or dead; place of birth & parents; parent's occupation and legal place of residence; & the person reporting the birth. Soft, 2 vol. 734 pp.    $43.00

ROCKBRIDGE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1778-1850, Dorthie & Edwin Kirkpatrick. Same format as Augusta Co. & includes 4,785 marriages. Soft, 443pp.    $30.00   

ROCKINGHAM CO. -1885 ATLAS, - D. J. Lake. Includes landowner maps, schools, cemeteries, railroads, business & patrons list. Soft, 11x14, $18.50 

ROCKINGHAM CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1778-1850, by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. There are 5,526 marriage records & bonds listed alpha. by both bride & groom. Soft, 433 pp.    $30.00  

RUSSELL CO. - IMPLIED MARRIAGES OF, by Mary Fugate, C.G.R.S. The author has drawn upon the early deed & will books & death register of Russell, as well as Lee Co. Will books & Scott Co. Will Book 1 to pre- sent an integrated look at the possible marriages of south west Va. through marriages implied in the documentation. Contains 1,003 marriages. Soft, 112 pp.    $17.50  

SCOTT CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1815-1853 by Mary D. Fugate, C.G.R.S. 1989. 1,413 marriages are recorded in this current vol. Map, 109 pp.    $14.50

SHENANDOAH CO. MARRIAGE BONDS 1772-1850 by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. Alpha. listed by bride & groom. 6,892 known marriage bonds & accompanying data (bondsman, parents, etc.) compiled from courthouse records. Soft, 417 pp.    $28.00

SHENANDOAH CO. WILL ABSTRACTS 1771- 1791 by Ellsberry. Contains name of deceased, date will was written, date probated, spouse, heirs, children and witnesses. Index, soft, 22 pp.    $ 7.50

SMYTH CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1832-1850 by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. Alpha. by both bride & groom. 813 known marriages with accompanying data includes minister's name, date of marriage and/or return to clerk. Soft, 89 pp.     $10.00 

SOUTHAMPTON CO.- MARRIAGE RECORDS 1750-1800 by B. Chapman (1948) repr. 1994. Includes name of bride, groom & date of ceremony. Sometimes includes name of parent or guardian, witnessees, etc. Index, soft, 100 pp.    $16.50

SOUTHAMPTON CO.- WILLS & ADMINISTRATIONS 1749 - 1800 BOOK 1, by Chapman (1947) repr. 1994. Name of deceased, date will was written, probated, spouse, heirs, children, etc. Index, soft, 152 pp.   $19.50

SOUTHAMPTON CO.- WILLS & ADMINISTRATIONS 1775 - 1800 BOOK II, by Chapman (1958) repr 1995. Same as above. Index, soft, 235 pp.    $24.50  

STAFFORD CO.-- TITHABLES: QUIT RENTS, PERSONAL PROPERTY TAXES & RELATED LISTS & PETITIONS 1723- 1790, by John Vogt & Wm Kethley, Jr. 1990. Many records were burned during the War of 1812 and the Civil War; marriage records have not survived earlier than 1854, & many orig. land records are only in index form. The current two vol. of Stafford Co. tithables & personal property lists represents the most complete collection of Stafford records published to date. A total of 1,917 different surnames are recorded here representing several thousand separate families. Soft, 612 pp. 2 vol.     $38.00

TAZEWELL CO.- THE CAPTIVES OF ABB'S VALLEY, A LEGEND OF FRONTIER LIFE, by "a son of Mary Moore." Narrative of frontier life, includes Indian captivity, in Abb's Valley, now Tazewell Co., Va. Many pioneer names mentioned. Reprint of 1854 edition. Soft, 168 pp.    $20.00

WARREN CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1836- 1850 by Vogr & Kethley, Jr. 294 marriages alpha. listed by bride and groom. Includes minister's name, date of marriage, etc. 48 pp.    $ 9.50

WARREN CO. MORTALITY SCHEDULES, 1850, 1860, 1870 by Louise Henry, 1994. Valuable for the personal info. it reveals for early residents which would not be available from any other source. 59pp. Index $13.00

WASHINGTON CO.-MARRIAGES: MINISTER’S RETURNS, 1776-1859 by Marty Hiatt & Craig Scott, 1995. Index. 315 pp. Soft, $25.00

WASHINGTON CO.MARRIAGES 1853-1880 by Thomas Colley, 1997. A wealth of info.,incl ages, occupation, parents’ names, etc. Index, 511pp. Soft, $30.00

WESTMORELAND CO. - VIRGINIA CO. RECORD PUBLICATIONS, VOL. 1, by W.A. Crozier (1913). Contains wills, land grants and militia records of Westmoreland Co. Soft, 102 pp. Text Reduced.    $ 7.50  

WETZEL CO. - 1850 CENSUS (NOW W. VA) by Curtis. Contains family no., name of each person residing with family, age, sex, color birthplace, occupation, value of real estate & index. Soft, 58 pp.    $ 8.50  

WYTHE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1790-1850 by Vogt & Kethley, Jr. Marriages listed alpha. by both bride & groom. Also includes name of minister, bondsman & occasionally names of parents. Soft, 224 pp.   $22.50

YORK CO.-MARRIAGES, VOL 1: BONDS & MINISTERS’ RETURNS, 1769-1853 by Michael Pollock, 1994. Index, 166 pp. Soft, $18.00

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