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EARLY PENNSYLVANIA BIRTH RECORDS 1675 - 1775 by Chas. A. Fisher (1947) reprint. This extensive listing of birth data is based on baptismal records from four churches, tombstone inscriptions from four cemeteries & much from private sources never before published. For each child the birth date, and the names of the parents and sponsors are given. Over 4,000 births are recorded. Soft, index, 107 pp.    $12.00

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1700-1896 by Chas. Fisher (1946) repr. A large collection of marriage records which, though primarily from Union & Snyder Cos, also includes records from other central Pa. counties. About 15,000 brides & grooms are identified; alpha. by grooms. Soft, 90 pp.     $11.50

A COLLECTION OF MEMORIALS CONCERNING DIVERSE DECEASED MINISTERS & OTHERS OF THE PEOPLE CALLED QUAKERS, IN PENNSYLVANIA, NEW JERSEY, AND PARTS ADJACENT, FROM NEARLY THE FIRST SETTLEMENT THEREOF TO THE YEAR 1787 - Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Brief biog. articles on 165 Quaker men & women born between 1650 and 1720. Although these articles were intended primarily as testimonies to the good character and good works of the subjects, most contain valuable genealogical data such as deaths, names of spouses or other family members, foreign origins, etc.(1787) repr. Index, hard, 440 pp. $45.00

IMMIGRATION OF THE IRISH QUAKERS INTO PENNSYLVANIA 1682-1750, WITH THEIR EARLY HISTORY IN IRELAND, by Albert C. Myers (1902), reprint, soft, 477 pp.    $34.00 

MAPS SHOWING THE DEVELOPMENT OF PENNSYLVANIA (1920) reprint. Large 8-1/2 x 11 maps that were originally published in 1920 by the PA Land Office Bureau, this collection of maps show where the boundary lines were throughout the history of PA. Soft, 16 pp.    $ 6.00

THE PENNSYLVANIA MILITIA IN 1777, by H. Roach (1964). Reprinted from The PA Genealogy Magazine Vol. XXIII, No. 3, 1964. Soft, 78 pp.    $ 8.50

QUAKER ARRIVALS AT PHILADELPHIA 1682-1750 by Albert C. Myers (1902) reprint. Being a list of Certificates of Removal Received at Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of Friends. Soft, 131 pp.    $12.50

PENNSYLVANIA GENEALOGIES, SCOTCH, IRISH AND GERMAN, by W. H. Egle (1886), repr. Refers to many thousands of immigrants. Soft, 798 pp. Text Reduced.    $23.00 

INDEX TO WARRANTS & SURVEYS OF THE PROVINCE OF PENNSYLVANIA INCLUDING THE THREE LOWER COUNTIES (which presently comprise the state of Delaware) 1759. Names of persons to, and for whom, land was either warranted or surveyed in all the volumes in the possession of the City Archives, in Phila., Pa. Names are alpha. and include date, page and volume no. Includes City of Philadelphia. Berks, Bucks, Chester, Cumberland, Northampton, Philadelphia, Lancaster & York Cos, Pa.; Kent, Newcastle, Sussex Counties, Delaware. Soft, 91 pp. $14.00

PENNSYLVANIA QUAKER MONTHLY MEETING RECORDS. All are softbound & indexed. Published 1990. Contains such information as: births, deaths, marriages & removals. The following Pa. Records were reproduced from mimeo-graphed copies. Every effort has been made to produce as fine a reprint of the mimeographed edition as possible

VOL.- 1 -Concord (1684) Delaware Co. 335 pp.   $36.50

VOL.- 2 -Exeter (1737) Berks Co. 90 pp.   $16.00

VOL.- 3 -Frankford (1815) Philadelphia Co. 119 pp.   $18.00

VOL.- 4 - Goshen (1722) Chester Co.  London Grove (1792) Chester Co., 235 pp.     $27.00

VOL.- 5 -Gwynedd (1714) Montgomery Co 210 pp. $26.00

VOL.-6- Kennett (1686) Chester Co. 380 pp. $38.50  

VOL.-7 - Northern District (1772) Philadelphia Co., 409 pp. $41.00

VOL.-8 - Southern District (1772) Philadelphia Co., 234 pp. $27.00

VOL.- 9 - Darby (1684) Delaware Co. 246 pp. $27.50

VOL.- 10 - New Garden (1718) Chester Co. 216 pp. $26.00

ADAMS CO. -1872 ATLAS, by I.W. Field & Co. Includes township landowner maps, Business Directory, etc. Soft, 11x14, 77 pp.    $20.00

CAMBRIA CO. - 1890 ATLAS, by J. A. Caldwell, repr. Shows landowners, illus. of homes & farms, business and township directories, country history, table of contents. Soft, 11x14, 194 pp.    $48.00 

CENTRE CO.- 1874 ATLAS - A. Pomeroy, repr. Includes township landowner maps, schools, churches, rail roads, business notices, city and village plats, index, soft, 120 pp. 11x14    $34.00

GREENE CO.- A BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY by S.P. Bates, 1888, repr. 1999. Index, 345 pp. Hard,    $38.00

SNYDER CO. PROBATE AND ORPHANS COURT RECORDS 1772-1855 by Chas. Fisher (1940), repr. Soft, 87 pp. $15.00

WESTMORELAND CO.- PROBATE RECORDS 1777-1783. repr. from Vol. 18, Collections of the Wyoming Historical & Genealogical Society, 1923. From 1777 - 1783, Connecticut claimed part of Western Pa. and called it Litchfield Co. These wills involve people living in that area. Soft, 109 pp. Text Reduced    $ 8.50

YORK CO. - 1876 ATLAS by Beach Nichols, repr. Includes township landowner maps, business directories, illus. of homes and business; combined with ATLAS OF CITY OF YORK 1903, by F .B. Roe. Shows city plats with lot owners. 11x14, Soft, 127 pp.    $34.00

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