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MARRIAGE NOTICES 1785-1794, FOR THE WHOLE UNITED STATES, by C. K. Bolton, 1900. Copied from the "Massachusetts Centinel" & "Columbia Centinel." Soft, 139 pp. Text Reduced     $ 8.00

THE SIMMENDINGER REGISTER- A True & authenic Register of persons still living, by God's Grace, who in the year 1709, under the Wonderful Providences of the Lord Journeyed From Germany to America or the New World by Ulrich Simmendinger, repr 1994. Soft, 20 pp.   $ 5.50

WADDEL'S MARRIAGES. A register of marriages cele- brated & solemnized by Moses Waddel, D.D. in SC & GA. Copied from orig. in the Library of Congress, Washington, DC. Soft, 12 pp.    $ 5.00

THE AMERICAN REGISTER. A valuable set of books orig. publ. from June 1926 to Jan. 1932. Many of the genealogies are continued from issue to issue, some of the surnames include: ALDER, AXFORDS, GILMORE, KERR, KIRKPATRICK, OGLE, LUNDY, SHAWVER, SHULTZ, SHUMAN and WILDRICK, plus much more. Most of the info. about family history relates to Ohio and points east. 4 Volumes, soft, over 1100 pages.

Per-Volume  $19.50                       

All 4 Volumes $70.00  

STATE CENSUSES, by H. Dubester (1948) repr. An anno- tated bibliography of census population taken after 1790 by states & territories (census discovered after 1948 not included), Soft, 73 pp.    $ 9.50

LIST OF THE POST OFFICES IN THE UNITED STATES, UP TO THE 15 JULY 1837, by Langtree & O'Sullivan, repr 1985. Incl. name of the P.O., Co., State, name of Postmaster, distance of miles from Washington and distance from State Capital. Soft, 191 pp.    $22.50

THE OUTLAW YEARS - HISTORY OF THE LAND PIRATES OF THE NATCHES TRACE by Robert M. Coates (1930) repr. From 1800-1835, the Natchez Trace, an overland trading, migration & postal route to the Old Southwest, it was plagued by outlaws, such as the Harpe brothers, Joseph Hare, Samuel Mason, John Murrell, and others intent on disrupting anything that bespoke of contented settlement and establishing a "Western Pirate Empire". A fascinating account of that remarkable era. Hard, illus. 308 pp.    $25.00  

HISTORY OF THE ORDINANCE OF 1787 AND THE OLD NORTH WEST TERRITORY by Northwest Territory Celebration (1937) repr. Contains History of the Ordinance of 1787, First Settlement in the Northwest Territory, Beginnings of Government, Growth of Settlements, etc. Soft, 95 pp.    $11.50

MAYFLOWER DESCENDANTS & THEIR MARRIAGES FOR TWO GENERATIONS AFTER THE LANDING, by John T. Landis (1922) reprint. Includes passengers, their children & their grandchildren, with records of births, deaths and marriages. Soft, 37 pp.   $ 9.50

MEMORIALS OF THE HUGUENOTS IN AMERICA With Special Reference To Their Emigration To Pennsylvania by A. Stapleton (1901), repr. Considerable information on settlers in Pennsylvania; list of immigrants believed to be of Huguenot ancestry, lists of French nobility. Index, hard, 164 pp.    $27.50

SCOTS, KITH AND KIN -- Is produced with one purpose in mind - a book which will enable anyone-even those without knowledge of Scottish History - to trace their Clan, Family and Tartan in the quickest & most accurate manner- over 4,000 names are to be found in this book. Hard.     $22.50 

TEN LESSONS FOR BEGINNERS IN GENEALOGY. Includes suggestions for genealogy teachers, lessons for beginners, library research, how to record and file your information, etc., very informative. Soft, 33 pp.    $ 7.50  

INDEX TO THE 1890 CENSUS OF THE U.S.A., Helen Swenson. The vast majority of the 1890 Census is lost but there are 6,160 names and entries which survived. These are found in AL, DC, GA, IL, MN, NJ, NY, NC, OH, SD AND TX. This is the index to those names. Soft, 57 pp. $16.50


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