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KNOX CO. - HISTORY OF MARIA CREEK (BAPTIST) CHURCH by Ben F. Keith, M.D. 1889, repr. Compiled from the records of the Church & the minutes of Wabash and Union Assoc. Names of Ministers who served and names and dates of members. Soft, 119 pp.         $14.00

KNOX CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1807 - 1832 by Selby. Marriages are listed alpha. by groom with bride index. Soft, 55 pp.        $12.50

KNOX CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1838 - 1854 by Coan and Hribal, nd. repr. Alpha. by bride & groom with marriage date. Soft, 106 pp.    $17.50

KNOX CO.- LIST OF INHABITANTS AT POSTE VINCENNES 1787, by Selby. Info. abstracted from Continental Congress Papers.     $ 7.00

KNOX CO. - THE VINCENNES DONATION LANDS by L. Lux, repr. Soft, 73 pp.       $10.00

KOSCIUSKO CO. CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, OCT 1836 -OCT 1843 by Mary N. Ettinger. Includes cases dealing with horse racing, arson, divorce, assault and battery, larceny, etc. Soft, index, 70 pp.     $14.50

KOSCIUSKO CO. CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, FEB. 1836 - NOV 1843 & JAN 1868- JULY 1868 by Ettinger. Cases dealing with real estate, heirs, guardianships & criminal charges. Soft, index, 72 pp.      $14.50

KOSCIUSKO CO. CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SEPT 1857- FEB 1861 & SEPT 1863-SEPT 1865, by Ettinger. Cases dealing with horse racing, arson, divorce, assault & battery, larceny, etc. Index, soft, 91 pp.     $16.50

KOSCIUSKO CO. COURT RECORDS, SEP 1865 - MAY 1869 by M. Ettinger. Cases dealing with real estate, divorce, larceny damages, foreclosures, bastardy, etc. Index, 86 pp.     $16.50

KOSCIUSKO CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1836 - 1845 by R. Slevin. Marriages are alpha. by both bride and groom. Soft, 19 pp.    $ 7.00

KOSCIUSKO CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1846-1891 by Slevin, repr. Marriages listed alpha. by both bride and groom, also includes book & page number. Softbound, 430 pp.     $49.50

KOSCIUSKO CO. PROBATE COURT RECORDS, NOV 1847 - DEC 1850 by Ettinger. Contains names and dates of estates and in some cases, heirs and guardianships. Index, 105 pp.      $17.00

KOSCIUSKO CO. PROBATE COURT RECORDS FEB 1851- JAN 1853 by Ettinger. Contains cases dealing with real estate, heirs & guardian ships. Index, soft, 53 pp.      $11.50

LAGRANGE CO. 1893 ATLAS by Andreas & Baskin. In-cludes biographies, resident freeholders, list of cemeteries & schools; local history illus., soft, 11x14, 87 pp.       $21.00

LAGRANGE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1832 - 1880 by Slevin. Alpha. by bride & groom with book, date and page number. Soft, 170 pp.     $22.00

LAGRANGE CO. WILL ABSTRACTS 1842 - 1896 by Slevin. Contains date will was written & probated, spouse, children, heirs, etc. Soft, 137 pp. $20.00

LAPORTE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1832 -1850 by DAR (1959) repr. Marriages alpha. by both bride and groom. Soft, 108 pp.    $18.00

MADISON CO. - THE PIONEER, 1895 HISTORY & GENEALOGIES OF MADISON & HANCOCK COS., IN by Samuel Harden. Good index of 255 family genealogies, biog., etc. Stories about pioneers of these 2 counties. 1824 recollections of Pendleton, 80 brief obits. Of pioneers, dates of arrival, names of many pioneers. Hard, 460 pp. $45.00

MADISON CO. - ATLAS OF CEMETERIES & RECORDS OF DECEASED VETERANS OF, by Haroldyne S. Zook 1989. Includes: atlas of cemeteries, name of veteran, grave, row, lot, block & section no.; war in which the veteran served. Complete index, softbound, v, + 407 pp.    $32.00

MADISON CO.- NAMES OF CEMETERIES IN, by H.S. Zook 1989. Since many cemeteries in Madison Co. has had more than one name, the author has compiled a list to aid the researcher. Includes location of cemetery & reference. Soft.       $ 8.00

MADISON CO. - DEATHS AND ADMINISTRATIONS 1849 -1880 by H.S. Zook 1988. Photo copied from microfilmed newspapers of Madison Co., Ind. Complete index, hard, 447 pp.       $49.00

MADISON CO. DEATHS 1881-1890, by H.S. Zook. Photo-copied from various microfilmed news papers of Madison Co. Complete index, soft, 157 pp.       $22.00

MADISON CO. DIVORCES 1849-1880, by Zook 1989. From various microfilmed newspapers of Madison Co. Index, soft, 20 pp.      $ 9.00

MADISON CO. - LETTER LISTS 1840-1880 - Zook, 1989. Letter lists were published in the newspapers to inform the patrons that mail was waiting for them at the Post Ofc. since at that time there were no home deliveries. These are photo copies of microfilmed news papers with index. Soft, 93 pp.        $10.50

MADISON CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1880 - 1920 by WPA. Includes name of bride, groom, date of license & of marriage, book & page no. Soft.

VOL. 1 - A - G, 381 pp. $44.00
VOL. 2 - H - Q, 411 pp. $44.00
VOL. 3 - R - Z, 309 pp. $38.00

MADISON CO. MARRIAGES GLEANED FROM 1840-1880 by Zook 1989. Photocopied  from microfilmed news papers of Madison Co. Index, Soft, 176pp.        $22.50

MADISON CO. MARRIAGE SUPPLEMENT 1865-1877 by Zook 1989. From the historical collections of the late Thomas Milne & Charles Stansberry. An every name index, Soft, 43 pp.       $11.50

MADISON CO. SUPPLEMENT OF ADMINISTRATION, DEATH, DIVORCES & MARRIAGES 1825-1899, Zook. This volume a necessity, due to microfilmed copies of newspapers being donated to the Anderson Public Library & not previously available. Index, soft, 20 pp.     $ 9.50

MARION CO.- 1855 WALL MAP ATLAS, by Condit, Wright & Hayden, repr. Shows names of owners, roads, RR's, mills, churches, school houses, prairies, etc. Soft, 11x14, 15 pp.       $12.50

MARION CO.-SKETCHES OF PROMINENT CITIZENS OF 1876, WITH A FEW OF THE PIONEERS OF THE CITY AND CO. WHO HAVE PASSED AWAY by J. Nowland (1877) repr. A sequel to "Early Reminiscences of Indianapolis." 1820-1876. Hard, index, 572 pp.    $42.00

MARSHALL CO. CEMETERIES, UNION, GREENE & WEST TWPS.  Hardbound,   455 pp.      $58.00

MARSHALL CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1836 - 1888 by R. Slevin. Alpha. by both bride and groom. 7,640 weddings with dates, book, license and page number. Soft, 322 pp.       $40.00

MARSHALL CO.- SOUVENIR PROGRAM BOURBON, IN "ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF PROGRESS" 1853 - 1953, repr. 1984. History of early settlers, schools, railroads, post ofc, libraries, churches, more. Soft, 60 pp.            $10.50

MIAMI CO. - (See also Howard Co.)

MIAMI CO.- CHRISTNER CEMETERY. Includes names of deceased, & birth, death dates. 11 pp.       $ 6.00

MIAMI CO. - CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS OF ALLEN, PERRY & UNION TOWNSHIPS by Wendell and Jean Tombaugh 1987. Index, hard 327 pp.        $48.00

MIAMI CO.- THE MINUTES BOOK OF THE DEER CREEK REGULAR BAPTIST CHURCH, DEER CREEK TOWNSHIP, MIAMI CO., INDIANA, 1848-1877. Also, gives list of Church Members & some deaths, 129 pp. Soft,        $18.50

MIAMI CO. SCHOOLS 1830 - 1930 by Miami Co. Gene. Society. Has pictures and history of schools, many now gone. Gives names of pupils & teachers, etc. Index, Soft, 274 pp.       $28.00

MIAMI CO. ABSTRACTS OF WILLS 1843 - 1900, by Ruth Slevin. Contains date will was written, date probated, spouse, children, heirs, witnesses, book and page number. Soft, 278 pp.       $32.00

MIAMI, CASS, HOWARD AND TIPTON COS. IN -- INDEX TO Vols 1 & 2 by Lewis Pub. Co. An every name index compiled by Patricia Rabbe, published 1999. Soft, 205 pp.          $25.00

MONROE CO.- 1884 HISTORY by Chas. Blanchard (orig. part of History of Morgan, Monroe & Brown Cos). History of co., towns, twps, schools, etc. 160 biog. sketches. New index, hard, 375 pp.        $35.00

MONROE CO. WILL ABSTRACTS 1818 -1904 by R. Slevin. All vital information has been abstracted. Soft, 242 pp.        $27.00

MONTGOMERY CO. BIRTH RECORDS from misc. sources. 532 abstracts showing date of birth, parents and their birthplace, other data. Mostly in late 1800's early 1900's, index, soft, 94 pp.     $13.50

MONTGOMERY CO. BIRTH RECORDS 1882 - 1920 WPA  repr. Gives child's name, father's name, mother's maiden name, sex, color, date of birth, book & page number. Softbound.

VOL. 1 - A - G, 233 pp. $26.50
VOL. 2 - H - P, 221 pp. $26.50
VOL. 3 - P - Z, 194 pp. $26.50

MONTGOMERY CO. - HISTORY OF CLARK TOWNSHIP, LADOGA & PART OF SCOTT TWP. 1828 - 1971 by P. Walters. Biog. data from newspaper obits, vital statistic records, Beckwith, Bowen & Chapman's Histories of Montgomery Co., 1874 Peoples Guide. Soft, 216 pp.     $18.50

MONTGOMERY CO.-FREDERICKSBURG (MACE) & MACE STATION (LINNSBURG) by Walters (1969) repr 1989. Includes history of schools, churches, lodges, mail carriers and detailed family histories from these areas. Soft,       $17.00

MONTGOMERY CO.-HISTORY OF NEW ROSS & VICINITY 1829-1967 by Walters. History of churches, post ofc, many families, early settlers of 1829, illus, maps, Soft, 69 pp.     $11.50

MONTGOMERY CO. - HISTORY OF WHITESVILLE & COMMUNITY by Walters. Many, many names, illus., soft, 79 pp.    $10.50

MONTGOMERY CO. PRAIRIE FARMER 1920 repr. 1995. Includes same info. as Hamilton Co. Prairie Farmer. Soft, 224 pp.     $21.00

MONTGOMERY CO. MARRIAGES 1823-1852 by R. & P. Selby. Alpha. listed by groom with bride index. Over 6,300 names, soft, 105 pp.     $18.00

MONTGOMERY CO. INDEX TO MARRIAGE RECORDS 1860-1920 WPA repr. Gives name of bride & groom, date of license, date of marriage, book and page number. Soft

VOL. 1 - A - GOFF, 272 pp. $32.00
VOL. 2 - GOFF - O, 272 pp. $32.00
VOL. 3 - O - Z, 270 pp. $32.00

MONTGOMERY CO.-- ORIGINAL ENTRY RECORD BOOK 1821 & LATER. Soft, 102 pp.      $18.00

MONTGOMERY CO. NATURALIZATION APPLICATIONS, 1850-1930. Name of applicant, age/year of birth, where born or owes allegiance to, date & port of arrival, date naturalized, etc. Soft, 67 pp. $12.00

MORGAN CO. 1884 HISTORY - Chas. Blanchard (orig. part of History of Morgan, Monroe and Brown Cos.) History of county, towns, twps., schools, etc. 400 biog. sketches. Index, hard, 460 pp.     $42.00

MORGAN CO. MARRIAGES 1822-1850, by Selby. Alpha. by both bride & groom. Soft, 2,215 records.       $20.00

NEWTON CO. HISTORY 1883, by J. H. Battle, repr. (originally part of History of Warren, Benton, Jasper & Newton Cos.). Contains general and military history of county; also towns, twps., schools. 290 biog sketches. 259pp. Hard, $35.00

NOBLE CO. HISTORY 1882 by Goodspeed & Blanchard  (orig. part of History of Whitley & Noble). Township, county history, early settlers, biog. sketches, views, portraits, biog. index by counties. Hard, 506 pp.       $50.00

NOBLE CO. HISTORY 1920 by McEwen, repr (originally part of Hist of Northeast Indiana). Includes co. history plus all biog. sketches from LaGrange, Steuben, Noble, DeKalb Cos. Includes index of all cos. and index of Noble Co. names. 647pp . $57.00

NOBLE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1858-1899 by R. Slevin. Listed alpha. by bride & groom, with book, date & page no., soft, 376 pp.    $42.00

OHIO CO. 1850 CENSUS by R & P Selby. Includes all vital information. Soft, 132 pp.      $10.00   

OHIO CO. DEATH RECORDS 1882 - 1910 by E. W. Billingsley. Listed alpha. by deceased. 1,393 entries, soft, 200 pp.     $23.50

OHIO CO. MARRIAGES 1844 - 1881 by Ruth Slevin. Alpha. by both bride and groom. Lists book, date and page, soft, 90 pp.      $15.50

OHIO CO. MARRIAGES 1882-MAY 1905, E. W. Billingsley. Marriages in chronological order by year; and gives age, place of birth and parents names when known. Index, Soft, 114 pp.      $18.00

ORANGE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1816 - 1835 by Selby. Marriages are listed alpha. by groom with bride index. Soft, 42 pp.   $ 9.00 

PARKE CO. - (See also Fountain Co.)

PARKE CO. 1870 CENSUS, by Selby 1999. Incl. dwelling no., name of each individual, age sex, occupation, value of real estate and birthplace. An asterisk followed by a month in brackets indicates the couple was married within the year. Birth month is sometimes listed for infants under one year of age. A map of Parke Co. has been included. Population count of over 18,000 Hard, surname index, 355 pp.      $40.00

PARKE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1831-1860 by DAR, repr. Marriages are in chronological order, with index. Soft, 219 pp.      $28.00

PARKE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1861-1899 by DAR, repr 1987. Marriages are in chronological order. Also gives name of J.P. or Minister officiating ceremony, with complete index. Soft, 403 pp.      $43.50

PARKE CO. WILL ABSTRACTS 1834-1906 by Ruth Slevin nd, repr 1988. Contains date will was written, date probated, spouse, children, heirs, witnesses, book and page number. Soft, 282 pp.     $31.00

PERRY CO. INDEX TO DEATH RECORDS 1882-1920 repr of WPA. Gives, name, age, sex, color, date and place of death & book & page no. of orig. death record. Soft, 134 pp.      $21.00 

PIKE CO.- WILL RECORD 1, 1817-1895 nd, repr. 1995. Index, soft, 43 pp.     $10.50 

PIKE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1859-1905 by R. Slevin & O. Phillips. Marriages are alpha. by both bride and groom. Lists book, date and page no., soft, 348 pp.     $39.50 

PIKE CO. - (See also Gibson Co.)

PORTER CO.- HISTORY OF MICHIGAN CITY 1908 by Oglesbee. Includes history of city, early inhabitants, churches, schools, businesses, railroads, etc. Hard, 244 pp.   $30.00    

PORTER CO. INDEX TO DEATH RECORDS 1931-1959. Contains name of deceased, year and book no. Also contains some births. Soft, $10.00

PORTER CO. - (See also Jasper Co.)

POSEY CO. 1900 ATLAS by Keller & Fuller, repr 1986. Twp., landowner maps, biog. sketches, illus., old ads. Soft, 11x14, 81pp.       $23.00

POSEY CO.- HISTORY & DIRECTORY 1882 by W. P. Leonard repr. Historical & biog. sketches, directory is alpha. Soft, 275 pp.      $29.50

POSEY CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1832-1846 by Ruth Slevin. Marriages listed alpha. by both bride and groom. Soft, 72 pp.     $12.50

PULASKI CO. DEATH RECORDS 1882 - 1920, WPA repr. Gives name, sex, age, color, place of death, book & page no. in original record. Soft, 90 pp.     $20.00

PULASKI CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1840 - 1920, repr of WPA. Gives name of bride or groom, spouse, date of license, date of marriage, book & page number, soft

VOL. 1-A - H, 150 pp. $23.00
VOL. 2-I - Z, 196 pp. $28.00

PULASKI CO INDEX OF PERSONS & FIRMS that appear in 6 Pulaski Co. histories, atlases or other source books. 177pp. in alpha. order. Hard, $30.00

PUTNAM CO. - 1870 CENSUS INDEX by Selby. Head of household listed in alpha. order as well as others living with the family having a different surname & includes twp. and page no. from microfilm. Soft, $10.00   

PUTNAM CO. 1879 ATLAS by J.H. Beers & Co. Includes history of county, twp. landowner maps, town plats, biogs, portraits, Soft, 11x14, 66 pp.      $18.00

PUTNAM CO.-BIOGRAPHICAL & HISTORICAL RECORDS 1887 by Lewis Publishing Co repr. (State and national history omitted). Exceptional info. and genealogy, illus. Soft, 522 pp.      $38.00


PUTNAM CO. DEATH RECORDS 1880-1920, WPA repr. Soft, 228 pp. Name of deceased, sex, date & place of death, book and page.      $30.00

RANDOLPH CO.- JERICHO FRIEND'S MEETING AND IT'S COMMUNITY, 1818-1958, Board of Trustees (1958) repr. A brief history of the Jericho Friends Meeting & Community; sketches of early settlers, travel, school, marriages, deaths, burials & moving on. Soft,      $21.00

RANDOLPH CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1819 - 1852 by Ruth Slevin. Alpha. by bride and groom with book, date and page number. Soft, 111 pp. $16.50

RIPLEY CO.- ATLAS 1883 by D.J. Lake & Co. Twp. landowner maps and business directories. Patrons in alpha. order. Soft, 11x14,      $19.00

RUSH CO. 1888 HISTORY by Brant & Fuller. (State history section omitted). County and twp. history, many biog. sketches, index, 629, hard $55.00

RUSH CO. HISTORICAL SOUVENIR 1895, repr. Includes historical sketch of Rush Co., Church & Military Hist., illus. Soft, 34 pp.    $10.00 

RUSH CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1862-1882, by R. Slevin. Listed alpha. by bride & groom with date, book and page no. Soft, 142 pp.  $20.00

RUSH CO.- THE PROMOTER (c1899), repr. Over 300 photos of Rushville, Rush Co., stores, people, buildings, with biogs Soft, 108 pp. $14.00

SCOTT CO. 1889 BIOGRAPHICAL & HISTORICAL SOUVENIR by Perrin. (Orig. part of book covering 8 cos) Includes history of co., towns, twps., & index to all 8 co. biogs. (See Clark Co, for more details) Soft, 103 pp.       $13.50

SCOTT CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1848-1905 by R. Slevin. Soft, 210 pp.      $24.50

SHELBY CO. SUPPLEMENTAL MARRIAGE RECORDS 1889 -1893. Includes bride and groom, date of marriage, age, birthplace, names of parents. Index, soft, 107 pp.       $15.50 

SPENCER CO. 1879 ATLAS, by D.J. Lake & Co. Town ship landowner maps, village plats with business directories, many ports. & views, list of patrons. Soft, 11x14, 73 pp.      $20.50  

ST. JOSEPH CO. 1875 ATLAS by H. Belden & Co. Town ship landowner maps, county and township histories, personal sketches, illus. Soft, 11x14     $21.50  

ST. JOSEPH CO.- HISTORIC BACKGROUND OF SOUTH BEND & ST. JOSEPH CO. IN NORTHERN INDIANA by DAR (1927) repr. Gives info. of first South Bend Post Ofc, first brick house, St. Joseph Co's first Court House, etc. 71 pp.        $11.00

ST. JOSEPH CO. - "SOME HOOSIER ROMANCE  AND REMINISCENCE" by R. Dobson ca 1920 repr 1988. The author draws upon his own rememberances of his past life during the 1860's & 1870's, during which time he traveled for business purposes, from South Bend, Indiana to Niles, Michigan. Soft, 80 pp.      $10.00

STARKE CO INDEX OF PERSONS & FIRMS that appear in 5 Starke Co. histories, atlases or other source books. 134 pp. in alpha. order. Hard,   $28.00  

STARKE CO. DEATH RECORDS 1894-1938, WPA repr. Gives name, sex, color, age, place of death, book and page no. Soft, 88 pp.     $16.50

STARKE CO. HISTORY 1915 by Joseph McCormick repr. Includes co. officials; county, town, school, legal & religious history. Also has twp. histories, first land entries, biogs., illus. Index, hard, 747 pp.     $52.00

STARKE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1850 - 1890 by R. & P. Selby. Marriages listed alpha. by groom with bride index. Soft, 53 pp.     $ 10.50

STARKE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1896 - 1938 WPA repr. Listed in alpha. order with date of marriage, book & page. Soft, 144 pp.     $22.00

STARKE CO. WILL ABSTRACTS 1855 - 1898 by R. Slevin. Contains date will was written, date probated, spouse, children, heirs and witnesses. Soft, 45 pp.     $14.05 

STEUBEN CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1837 - 1852 by Mrs. H. Brown. Marriages in date order with every name index. Soft, 48 pp.   $13.00

SWITZERLAND CO. MARRIAGES 1818-1830, by Knox. Alpha. arranged by both bride and groom. Soft, 59 pp.     $12.00  

SWITZERLAND CO. WILL ABSTRACTS 1825 - 1903 by R. Slevin nd, repr. Contains date will was written & probated, spouse, children, heirs, witnesses, more, Soft, 150 pp.     $22.00 

TIPPECANOE CO. PRAIRIE FARMER & DIRECTORY 1919, repr. Gives name of head of household, spouse, children, owner, tenant or renter, rural route, year became resident of county, address, much more. Listed in alpha. order, Hard, 248 pp. $35.00

TIPPECANOE CO.- SPENCER CEMETERY 1833-1899 by David R. Cheesman, 1993. Contains a history of the cemetery and the region in which it is situated with early and contemporary maps. This work also includes marriages, a First Tract record, an 1850 Federal Census of people buried at these grounds; an 1876 Shelby Twp. Directory. Alpha. order of interments, chronicle order of deaths and an all name index. 48 pp. Soft, $16.00

TIPPECANOE CO.- 19TH CENTURY WILL INDEX by David R. Cheesman, 1999. An index of all recorded wills probated in Tippecanoe Co., from the 12th of June 1825 thru the 23rd of April 1902, in alpha. order, covering the first seven Will Books of the co. giving their volume and page no. 52 pp.      $16.00

TIPPECANOE CO.- UNION CEMETERY, LAURAMIE TOWNSHIP. Deceased listed in alpha. order. Soft.     $11.50

TIPTON CO. CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS by DAR-EHA. Orig. publ. in 1979, and revised in 1985. Lists persons who had stones erected; history of cemeteries, plus much genealogical info. They also make excellent gifts. All are indexed and softbound.

BOOK 1 -Jefferson Twp.,& Hamilton Co. Union (East Union) Cem, 305pp. $31.00
BOOK 2 -Madison Twp., 158 pp. $22.50
BOOK 3 -Prairie Twp., Also Clinton Co., Bacon Cemetery, 225 pp. $27.00
BOOK 4 - Liberty Twp., 299 pp. $31.00
BOOK 5 - Wildcat Twp., 234 pp. $27.00
BOOK 6 - Rural Cicero Twp., 154 pp. $22.50
BOOK 7 - City of Tipton, 595 pp. $54.50

TIPTON CO. CENSUS INDEXES 1860-1870-1880, by M. Henry. These 3 indexes have been compiled into one book. Tells you where to find people that lived in Tipton Co. over a 30 yr. census period. In the 1870 index, children of men killed in Civil War are listed if the mother had remarried. Soft, 98 pp.     $16.50 

TIPTON CO. CENSUS INDEX 1900 - GENEALOGICAL DATA by M. Henry. Mrs. Henry compiled info. about the 6,377 entries in the book that not only tells where you can find people in Tipton Co. 1900 census, but also abstracted all vital info. This book also tells where to locate the people listed if they were in Tipton Co. when the 1850, 1860, 1870 or 1880 Census was taken. Soft, 488pp.      $45.50

TIPTON CO. - 1900 & 1910 COMBINED CENSUS OF, by Marietta Henry 1988. This census index not only tells where heads of household & others are listed in 1900 & their census location in 1910 Census, it also tells birth year of the over 10,200 persons listed; death year of person if known. One can easily look at this book & tell if a family was in Tipton Co., Ind. in 1900 & 1910. Alpha. hard,     $34.00

TIPTON CO. 1920 CENSUS INDEX - GENEALOGICAL DATA by Henry 1993. Includes head of house & others with different surname in alpha order; birth year for each person listed. Death year given if known. Marital status given for women; husbands listed if known. Twp., page & house no. cited for each entry. Over 6,400 entries. Hard, 204 pp.   $31.00

TIPTON CO. DEATHS 1882 - 1896 by Marietta Henry.  Includes name of deceased, birth and  death date, birthplace, parents names and more.      Soft, 87 pp.     $17.00

TIPTON CO. DEATHS - GENEALOGICAL DATA 1897-1907 by Henry. Data of about 1,800 people who have death records at the Tipton Co. Health Dept. Gives birth & death date, age, parents names, who married, etc. Over 9,100 names. Index. Hard, 215 pp.    $35.00 

TIPTON CO. AREA DEATHS - GENEALOGICAL DATA 1916-1917 by Henry 1990. Name of deceased, birth, death & marriage dates, parents, vital info., if known. index, Hard, 128 pp.      $25.00 

TIPTON CO. LEATHERMAN-MORRIS-BOYER FUNERAL HOME RECORDS-GENEALOGICAL DATA 1895-1981, by Marietta F. Henry 1991. Data about 4,661 people buried by this funeral home; birth and death dates, maiden names of women; whether married, names of parents or children; those whose spouse remarried (if they did) after death of mate, cemetery where buried. Over 11,000 names in all-name index. History of funeral home, etc. Hard, 485 pp.      $52.00

TIPTON CO.- YOUNG-NICHOLS FUNERAL HOME RECORDS 1881-1931 by Marietta Henry. Includes name of deceased, date of coffin register or death date, age, maiden name of married women, name of husband(s), name of cemetery where buried, etc. Soft, 215 pp.    $34.00

TIPTON CO.-AN EDUCATIONAL HISTORY, by Geo. Cline 1962, repr. 1986. This is an unusual, humorous and serious educational history written by Geo. Cline, a former Tipton Co. teacher. It is not a genealogy book, although some gene. is listed. An all name index, soft, 436 pp     $29.00

TIPTON CO. 1914-HISTORY OF, by M.W. Pershing. Orig. printing did not include an index. Now a 9,552 all name index has been completed by Marietta F. Henry. Softbound.

PART 1 - History from 1844-1914. Very reliable history of Tipton Co. from time of it's formation in 1844-1914. 257 pp. plus illus.      $26.00

PART 2 - Many, families submitted their family genealogies to Mr. Pershing. 268-709 pp. plus illus. $40.00

INDEX - For those who already have the history book.        $ 8.50

TIPTON, MIAMI, CASS, & HOWARD COS, INDEX TO, Vols 1 & 2 by Lewis Pub. Co. Every name index compiled by Patricia Rabbe, publ 1999. Soft, 205 pp.        $25.00

TIPTON CO. HISTORY OF 1883 by Chas Blanchard. This was the first history & "subscription book" of Tipton Co. Highly accurate. Orig. published as History of Howard & Tipton Cos. All name index by Pat Rabbe. Hard, 498 pp.       $45.00

TIPTON CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS AND GENEALOGICAL DATA 1844-1870, by Marietta F. Henry. In lieu of marriage applications of this time period, Mrs. Henry has added some genealogy data about each couple listed herein. Soft, 333 pp.      $37.50 

TIPTON CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS-DATA 1871-1905, by M.F. Henry 1995. Includes name of bride & groom, age, date of marriage, book & page no. 6,351 marriages in alpha. order. Hard, vi + 464 pp.     $50.00

TIPTON CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1870 - 1905 by Slevin. Marriages alpha. by bride & groom; book, date and page. Soft, 339 pp.     $36.00 

TIPTON CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1905 -1920 by M. F. Henry 1985. Lists marriage and dates for the time period, Index, soft, 109 pp.   $18.50

TIPTON CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1921-1930,- Henry 1985. Lists name of bride, groom and date. Index, soft, 56 pp.      $13.50

TIPTON CO. IN WORLD WAR I, by E. Allison nd, repr. This vol. is more than a mere record. It is a Memorial-to the twenty-two Tipton Co. young men who gave their lives in the service of the United States and to the 810 men who answered the call and served wherever needed. Soft, 97 pp. $10.00

TIPTON CO. WILL ABSTRACTS 1847-1913 by Ruth Slevin. Includes date will was written, & probated, spouse, children, heirs, etc. Soft, 151 pp. $21.00

UNION CO. 1884 -- ATLAS, - J.H. Beers, reprint. Contains 6 twp. landowners maps, 88 biog. sketches, 16 village plat maps, 33 photos of buildings and views, register of co., court officials, list of 200 atlas patrons, etc. Soft, 11x14, 83 pp.     $21.00 

UNION CO.-1899 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES by Lewis Publ. Abstracted from Biog. & Genea. History of Wayne, Fayette, Union & Franklin Cos. Soft, 42 pp.     $10.00

UNION CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1860-1918 by Ruth Slevin. Marriages listed alpha. by both bride and groom, with book, dater & page. Soft, 138 pp.    $16.50

VANDENBURGH CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1818- 1840 by R. Slevin. Marriages alpha. listed by both bride and groom. Soft, 44 pp. $ 9.50

VERMILLION CO. - (See also Fountain Co.)

VERMILLION CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1824-1861 by Selby. Alpha. by groom with bride index. Over 5,900 names. Soft, 80 pp.   $16.00

VIGO CO. DEED RECORDS 1816 -1821, reprint. Soft, 30 pp.    $ 8.50

VIGO CO. HISTOTRY 1880 by Judge S.B. Gookins in cooperation with H.W. Beckwith, repr. (Originally published as History of Parke & Vigo Cos.) Includes history of Terre Haute, villages, townships, organ- izations, schools, churches, Civil War, newspapers, etc. 240 biog. paragraphs, map, illus, 533p, hard,    $49.00

VIGO CO.- GREENE & HERB’S TERRE HAUTE DIRECTORY 1877 repr. Complete alpha. list of all Business Firms & private citizens; a Classified Business Directory & Census Report; an improved Street Directory, and a miscellaneous Directory of City and Co. Officers, public, private schools, churches, historical, commercial information compiled from actual canvass. 318 + v pp. Hard,      $34.00 

VIGO CO. - HONEY CREEK MONTHLY MEETING OF FRIENDS, 1820, by Heiss. Abstract of records prior to the separation (1820-1829) and the Hicksite records (1829-1874). Soft, 30 pp.       $ 9.00

WABASH CO.- FUNERAL RECORDS from JONES MORTUARY 1906-1971. Alpha. by decedent. 4,930 abstracts including church, date and place of death, spouse, maiden name of wife, cemetery, father's name, etc. Hard, 418 pp.       $46.00

WABASH CO. - De LAUGHTER - McKEE MORTUARY RECORDS 1968 - 1998, by Wabash Co. Genealogy Society 1998. Contains name of deceased, when and where born, when and where died, place of burial; names of parents, spouse, siblings,  384pp. Hard, $47.00

WABASH CO. WILL ABSTRACTS 1842-1894 by R. Slevin. Contains date will was written, date probated, spouse, children, heirs and witnesses. Soft, 196 pp.     $29.00

WARREN CO. CENTENNIAL 1827-1927 repr. with index by Mary E. Mattingly. Contains early history of the twps, Courts & Bar, churches, old ads, etc. Soft, 103 pp.     $13.50

WARRICK CO. INDEX TO BIRTH RECORDS 1882-1920 WPA repr. Includes name, sex, color, names of parents & mothers maiden name, date of birth, book & page no.  Softbound,

VOL. 1-A-F, 108 pp. $21.00
VOL. 2-G-K, 79 pp. $16.00
VOL. 3-L-P, 74 pp. $16.00
VOL. 4-Q-Z, 108 pp. $21.00

WARRICK CO. INDEX TO DEATH RECORDS 1882 - 1920 WPA repr. Gives name, sex, color, age, place of death, book, page no. Soft, 199 pp. $25.00

WASHINGTON CO. - 1889 BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL SOUVENIR by Greesham (Orig. part of book covering 8 cos). Describes villages, towns, twps, Morgan's Raid, 19 biog. sketches plus index to all 8 co. biogs. (See Clark Co, for more details). Softbound, 93 pp.    $14.50

WASHINGTON CO. DEATH RECORDS 1928 - 1950. Name of deceased, birth and death date, names of parents & place of death. Index, soft, 260 pp.     $30.00

WASHINGTON CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1815 - 1833 by R. & P. Selby. Marriages are alpha. by groom with bride index. Soft, 55 pp. $12.00

WASHINGTON CO. WILL ABSTRACTS 1808 - 1902 by Lulie Davis. Includes date will was written, recorded, with all persons mentioned in will, with relation-ships, etc. Index, soft, 214 pp. $25.00

WAYNE CO. HISTORY - 1872, by Andrew Young, repr. Includes history of families, communities, early settlers, townships, biog. sketches, index. 459pp. Hard, $46.00

WAYNE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1811 - 1830 by Selby. Marriages alpha. arranged by groom with bride index. Soft, 61 pp.     $10.50

WAYNE CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS- March 1811- March 1860 by Yount 1974. The records in this book are from the first 8 books in the clerk’s ofc. In Wayne Co. Softbound, Index, 242 pp.     $30.00


WAYNE CO.- TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS by Beverly Younts. Repr. Surnames arr. alpha. when possible, maiden names of wives added, index, cemetery location. All are softbound.

    VOL. 1-Cemeteries:Earlham Ridge, Friends’ Old North Side, St Mary's Catholic, Hoover-Bulla, Beaulah, soft, 387 pp.  $47.00

        VOL.II- Cemeteries: Abington, Bethel Quaker, Boston, Bryan’s Chapel, Bulla #1, Bulla #2, Old Centerville, Crown Hill, Doddridge Chapel, Elkhorn, Franklin, Glen Haven, Lick Creek, Locust Grove, Lutherania, McClure Family, Milford Monthly Meeting, Old Milton, Milton South Side, Ranck Family, Richland, Slab Bench, Smoker Family, south Lawn Dublin, St. Andrew’s, Stevens Family, Valley Grove, Wallace-Hoover, Warman Family, Westside, Milton, 391pp. $47.00

        VOL. III - Cemeteries: Beard Family #1 (East Germantown), Beard Family #2(Pennville), Bethel United Brethren, Brick Church, Capitol Hill, Clark Family, Dalton Road, East, Old East Germantown, Economy, Heiney, Jacksonburg, Jordan Family, Kennedy Chapel, Kepler Family, Null Family, Lewis Family, Locust Grove Ch. Of Brethren, Middle, Myers, Nettle Creek Friends, Olive Branch, Pleasant Hill, Riverside, Salem, St. Jacobs Lutheran, South, Ulrich or German Baptist, West Grove, West Lawn, West River, Zion Evangelical, 395pp.   $47.00

       VOL. IV - Cemeteries: Arba, Bethel, Brittain-Reynolds, Center Friends, Chester, Concord Baptist, Concord Methodist-Episcopal, Fairfield, Felton Family, Friendship, Goshen, Hopewell, King, Maple Grove (reconstructed), Mt. Pleasant, Mt. Vernon, Mt. Zion, New Garden, Newport, Orange, Shiloh, Smyrna, State Line, Sugar Grove, Webster, Wernle Home, Whitewater, Williamsburg (Mt Zion), Willow Grove, Woodbury, misc burials, Capitol Hill additions. Complete index. 427 pp.   $47.00

WELLS CO. MARRIAGES 1837 - 1861 by Selby. Alpha. by groom with bride index. Soft, 41pp.     $10.00

WELLS CO. PRAIRIE FARMER'S DIRECTORY 1923 repr. Gives name of head of  household, wife and maiden name, children, owner/tenant renter, rural route, section of land, more. Soft, 175 pp.    $19.00

WHITE CO. MARRIAGES 1834-1880 by Selby. Listed alpha. by groom with brides index. Over 6,500 names. Soft, 106 pp.     $20.00

WHITLEY CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1860-- May 11, 1884 by Nellie Raber. Listed alpha. by both bride and groom. Soft, 412 pp.    $43.50


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